Waste Management and Recyclebank are working together in their shared commitment to advancing diversion and recycling, and ultimately helping to create a more sustainable future. The partnership brings together Waste Management’s curbside collection infrastructure — the largest in the nation — with Recyclebank’s vast online community and incentive platform, enhancing growth prospects for both companies and motivating and mobilizing more people, communities and schools to recycle.

Check out the Waste Management and Recyclebank websites to learn more about the companies and their commitment to sustainability.

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“Our collaboration with Recyclebank gives us a competitive advantage, and, at the same time, incentivizes more recycling by motivating people to change how they consume and dispose. It’s a triple win for Waste Management, our customers and the environment.”

said David Steiner, president and CEO of Waste Management.

“Our agreement with Waste Management gives us the resources and reach we need to expand our business and motivate and mobilize more people to make a collective, positive impact on the environment,”

said Jonathan Hsu, CEO of Recyclebank.

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