Making Progress, Together

It’s not always easy to see the bigger picture in every small action. You know you’re making a difference, but you can’t always see what that impact really is.

With our sustainability scoreboard, we’re making it a little easier to see how each of our eco-friendly actions can lead to huge strides in the right direction. Check out our breakdown below to see how it works.

Simple Actions. Big Wins.

Using averages from respected environmental sources and other industry leaders, our sustainability scoreboard projects the positive impact that our members can make together if they each take a single small action after learning something new. For the example below, we looked at averages from respected sources to determine how long people spend lathering their hair, how much water typically comes out of the showerhead per minute and how often people shower.

Let's start making a difference right now.

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Sources We Trust

We’re serious about making sure our projections are as accurate as they can be. That’s why we rely on data from a variety of respected sources like these: | Environmental Protection Agency | National Geographic | U.S. Department of Transportation | Scientific American