William Meredith Elementary School
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William Meredith Elementary School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meredith’s Going Green: Indoor Greening & Green Roof
Budget: $2500

Using a vertical gardening system, our primary goal is to green three walls inside the school, providing ample and accessible space for our gardening club to learn, work, grow and beautify. The secondary goal of our greening efforts is to add a green roof to our small outdoor equipment shed.

It’s time for Meredith to bring the outside in! Using the Wally Gro School Garden Kit, we plan to create a green wall on each floor of our school. The Wally Eco baskets are made from 100% recycled milk jugs and are a cinch to install for easy planting and caring. The School Garden Kit also includes resources for teachers and ideas on incorporating the garden into Science curriculums. Turning drab, plain walls into lush green planting spaces would benefit the students at Meredith in many ways. Having so much green in our school would help purify the air the kids breathe. The gardening club could work year round...planting, tending and learning...no matter what the weather. Science curriculums could be altered to use the gardens to teach lessons in the areas of earth science, life science, and physical science. Students could take pride in new skills and be empowered to take responsibility for the garden’s care. Edible gardens could be incorporated into the planting, teaching lessons on harvesting and preparing healthy food. The benefits of an indoor garden are truly endless and everyone at Meredith, from teachers to students, will feel the positive effects of a school enlivened by beautiful and lush greenery. The second part of our project would be to install a green roof on our new equipment shed in the schoolyard. Modular greening tiles would be installed on the roof of the small shed. Planting a lush and sustainable garden on the roof would help us continue to beautify our exterior and turn this useful shed into a thing of green beauty.

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