Upland Hills School
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Upland Hills School

Oxford, Michigan

Integrate Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with school kitchen and curriculum to educate about sustainable farming and marketing
Budget: $2500

Our project connects hands-on sustainable growing with the business aspects of farming – budgeting, planning, marketing and selling. Our project includes space for all students to learn about growing and preparing fresh organic food for our community. This integrated program brings the CSA, our kitchen and the classroom together for students to experience full immersion in the food cycle. Our CSA reaches students and families in the greater community, educating students using special programs throughout the year.

One of the defining aspects of the Upland Hills School and Upland Hills Farm collaboration is that impact is measured by future interest and passion. Curriculum is developed based on topics students are interested in and excited about, then subjects are pulled in using a holistic approach of understanding how all things are related. It is already confirmed that the student and larger community have a long-standing interest in sustainable agriculture. Our measure of success will be in determining how the students are impacted in the business of sustainable agriculture. Curriculum will be based on which business aspects create passion with the students, tapping into that passion and applying it to the full circle of sustainable agriculture. For older students, this will be a survey of which parts of the project they enjoyed (planning, budgeting, marketing, outreach, etc.) and which they would like to learn more about/participate in. For middle grade students, this will be assessed by a survey of which aspects of the project they found to create the most impact (planning, managing the growth, outreach, etc.). For the youngest students, the evaluation will happen by understanding how engaged each student was in the project.

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