The Waldorf School of Philadelphia
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The Waldorf School of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Waldorf Compost Initiative
Budget: $1460

The goal of the project is to drastically reduce the food waste that our Early Childhood and Grades classes produce on a daily basis. Our school community produces organic waste from snacks and lunch for nearly 300 people every day. We want to see less trash going to the landfill, and we believe building a big community compost will do just that.

We plan to build a large compost bin on our campus for the school community. Our community is very earth-conscious, and our Early Childhood classrooms bake their own bread, and make their own soups, granola, and other food for snack every day (and we also grow a lot of the vegetables for our recipes!). This daily practice produces a lot of organic waste. Our Grades classes also produce waste from their own snacks and lunch, and during certain times of the year, our campus has lots of leaves and brush to get rid of. Our students will be involved in every aspect of the project – from building the compost container to the daily upkeep of it. Students will learn how to be environmental stewards, and the project will benefit every person in our community, as well as mother earth of course!

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