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Science Leadership Academy

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Science Leadership Academy Indoor Vertical Garden
Budget: $2500

Our project goal is to implement an indoor vertical gardening curriculum into all 9th grade classrooms, to teach students about photosynthesis, different types of plant cells, acid rain concepts and especially teach sustainable way to plant, harvest local plants.

This indoor vertical gardening curriculum will involve lesson plans, weekly interactive, experiential learning activities around the big idea of photosynthesis, cell structure and function, acid rain (pollutants), water quality, water pollution, sustainable alternatives to large foodsheds for fruits and vegetables. Students will participate in lessons on organic planting, pesticide-free plant growth. The garden will be more than just a set of raised vegetable beds; it will be an open and welcoming space that encourages students to not just sew the seeds of herbs and vegetables, but to sew the seeds of community and creativity. By making this a multi-use space, students will be able to enjoy a wider variety of activities within the area and more student groups will be involved in the garden and its maintenance. We will be creating an indoor space where students will take part in organic growing, learn about environmental sustainability, and create a stronger connection to local growth fruits and vegetables.

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