Rochester High School
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Rochester High School

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Permanent Hallway and Common Space Recycling Bins
Budget: $2500

Our goal is to buy permanent hallway and common space recycling bins to add to our already existing classroom bins. We hope to be the most efficient recycling school in the state and reduce waste as much as possible.

These bins will be used by everyone in the school and make sure we reduce our waste and environmental impact as much as possible. We have a Green Club that will empty the bins every Wednesday and without them, none of this would be possible. These bins will instill routines that will be taken home with students and make a difference in the entire community. The impact could even instill environmentally-conscious habits for generations to come. With a school of our size, recycling and reducing waste can make a big difference. These bins will be permanent, stand out with color, and be attractive to encourage use.

The donation period has ended.
Goal Achieved!
292 Recyclebankers have donated $2,500.00 to Rochester High School so far!