Penn Treaty School
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Penn Treaty School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Penn Treaty Wolves Go Green
Budget: $2500

The goal of our project is to help reduce greenhouse emissions by introducing and maintaining a school-wide recycling program and school/community garden.

Our green project will be run by a group of 25-30 students from our environmental team. These students will implement, monitor and maintain the school-wide recycling and garden program. They will begin by educating the entire school on the need for the project and how it will be implemented. Through this program, the entire student population will learn how conserving and growing food can reduce greenhouse emissions. All students will learn about the impact humans have had on our planet. They will study various environmental issues, such as the wildfires of Southern California and the hurricanes of Florida, North Carolina and Houston, Texas. They will also examine diseases and animal extinction.

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Goal Achieved!
463 Recyclebankers have donated $2,500.00 to Penn Treaty School so far!