Paul L. Dunbar School
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Paul L. Dunbar School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Paul L. Dunbar School Goes Green!
Budget: $1000

The goal for our Green Project is to assist the students at Dunbar School. The students have little "greenery" within the community. Creating an outside garden environment for the students will allow them to see past the brick buildings! Growing and sustaining plants will spread knowledge to the Dunbar community.

Paul L. Dunbar is located on Temple University's campus. It is an extremely urban community! Students are surrounded by busy urban life and could use a productive change of scenery. There is little to no space currently provided for the students to kickstart a greenery project. As the Community Partnerships Coordinator, I have been fighting to enhance the outside materials, space, and recreational advantages for the students. The students would benefit greatly if we were able to incorporate more than just concrete in their outside areas! Agricultural learning would also benefit their out-of-school time. The students would be able to understand the responsibilities and advantages of recycling, gardening, growing, and sustaining beneficial materials. In the long run, incorporating parents and families will assist spreading knowledge and growth between students and parents! This Green Project will benefit the families of Dunbar in their home setting, and carry on to be taught to the younger generations of urban students. Yes, there are community gardens within North Philadelphia. Though they are often sought-out projects, creating a lasting green area at the school is more beneficial. Students are in school for 7-hours/day, ten months out of the year. Students and instructors would be able to spent countless time towards sustaining the Dunbar Community Garden!

The donation period has ended.
Goal Achieved!
223 Recyclebankers have donated $1,000.00 to Paul L. Dunbar School so far!