McGregor Elementary School
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McGregor Elementary School

Rochester Hills, Michigan

McGregor Soil Restoration Project
Budget: $853

The McGregor Soil Restoration Project is a project designed to reduce the amount of food waste sent by our school to landfills by actively composting food scraps and using the resulting compost in our own pollinator gardens.

Our Garden Club will assemble a three-bin compost container to hold food scraps generated during lunch and snack times at McGregor. All grade levels will participate by disposing their uneaten vegetable and fruit scraps into a container inside the cafeteria (or rooms during snack time). At the end of the lunch period, 4th graders will empty the container into the compost bin and add a suitable amount of brown material to facilitate the composting activity. Our goal is to develop eco- friendly ways to reduce the amount of trash we send to landfills while, at the same time, helping our local pollinators by building the soil which their food sources grow in. In addition, our students will learn that all trash has to go somewhere and that there are more ecological options than just throwing out the trash and forgetting about it.

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Goal Achieved!
165 Recyclebankers have donated $853.00 to McGregor Elementary School so far!