Marina Village Middle School
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Marina Village Middle School

El Dorado Hills, California

Marina Village Middle School - Water Wise Going Green Project
Budget: $1500

Our goal is to create our outdoor grounds into a working Green School Campus. Our primary goal is to create a sustainable water-wise green campus that will encourage students to participate in garden activities during their lunch break. This plan will include an outdoor Living Lab for all science and Civic 20 Time History classes with our main focus on water conservation. All plants and trees will be drought-tolerant. We want all areas on our grounds to feature some type of water-wise going green plan that will encourage teachers to bring the indoor classroom outdoors!

Our plan includes four campus-wide phases. The first phase is creating a picking garden with drought-tolerant berries and fruit trees on the south side of our campus. Phase two: creating a drought-tolerant rose garden in the front of our school around our flag pole. Phase three: creating a beautiful sitting area in front of the school under a century old oak tree with natural walkways and benches – no plants in this area to keep water usage low. Pulling out existing high water use plants and shrubs. Phase four: improving erosion control on two hillsides by planting grapevines and barking the hillside. Eight grade students from our Math and Design Classes will be measuring the phased areas and will create the plans for the raised beds and walkways. All Garden Club Members as well as the 20 Time Civic History class will complete all the projects. Once the phases are completed, all classes from Science, History, English etc. can benefit from the Living Laboratories by bringing the indoor classroom outdoors. Teachers and students will incorporate basic science processes including observing, comparing, organizing, relating, etc. The Marina Village Project Green/Garden club will maintain and care for all areas once completed. Part of our plan includes having the Lake Forest Elementary School students (K-5th grade) participate in walking field trips to our gardens. (LF is right next door to Marina Village Middle School.) This will allow many of the Marina students to teach and mentor the younger students.

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