Long Meadow Elementary School
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Long Meadow Elementary School

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Long Meadow Elementary Media Center Makerspace - Environmental Initiatives
Budget: $1350

The goal of the project is to enhance the Long Meadow Elementary School Makerspace by including more opportunities for the students to learn about minimizing waste and environmental initiatives. The grant money would be used to fund additional recycling bins, storage bins for materials which can be reused, and provide additional opportunity for the students to engage in outdoor learning.

Long Meadow Elementary converted the former computer lab room in the Media Center into a Makerspace to be utilized by all of the students. The Makerspace is a place for the students to gather and work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. Many of the current items have been donated by families, for reusing goods that were no longer needed at home. In an effort to include more resources for recycling in the Makerspace, we are looking to purchase additional recycling bins, bins to store leftover materials that can be reused and repurposed, environmental books to the media center, and adding additional opportunities for the students to engage in environmental resource learning. We are looking to increase the Makerspace to include an outdoor component by adding two rain barrels and a garden tower composter for the courtyard near the space. This addition to the Makerspace will allow the students to engage in the water cycle, food waste, and plant growth. In addition, the water collected in the rain barrels can be used by students for their Makerspace projects involving water for watering plants.

The donation period has ended.
Goal Achieved!
145 Recyclebankers have donated $1,350.00 to Long Meadow Elementary School so far!