Lankenau Environmental Science Magnet High School
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Lankenau Environmental Science Magnet High School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rain Garden Expansion
Budget: $2500

This project began with the School District of Philadelphia capital funds to rebuild and expand our rain garden destroyed in a 2016 act of vandalism. Students will research, select, plant, maintain and study plants for the site and the effects of water absorption, soil erosion, and corrective measures to urban development.

In our environmental science themed school, students learn about water absorption, water runoff and the problem of urban development on the water cycle. The topography of our site is not natural and water pooling is an issue. Our proposed Green Project is to expand and continue to build our rain garden in our stormwater management system. This project will be used as a cross-curricular project based for our students. Once the garden is complete, the research and maintenance of the site will become part of our curriculum. Through this project, students will learn about a variety of issues and topics. Students will employ field research and writing techniques to explore different ecosystems and the effects of flooding, water absorption, soil erosion and corrective measures to urban development. Students will also learn about sustainability and food sources by cultivating a vegetable/herb garden. The building of the Rain Garden will provide our school with another onsite garden that students will use to compare and contrast with our existent student-built gardens to conduct studies. This project will benefit our students in a variety of ways. It will give our students the opportunity to complete a hands-on project and provide a new teaching tool by making a wetland garden available to students that will be able to be used for years to come by our Environmental Science teachers. This project will also involve our students in our continued efforts to beautify our school and strengthen our mission to continue to make all of our students environmentally-conscious citizens.

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