John B. Kelly Elementary School
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John B. Kelly Elementary School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mind Your Meadow!
Budget: $2500

Our goal is to make sure the school's new "pocket meadow" becomes a place of hands-on learning for students (and neighbors!) about habitat, wildlife, water runoff and land stewardship in our urban neighborhood.

Two and half years ago, the Kelly Green Project, a school-community partnership dedicated to greening and improving the schoolyard space at Kelly School, replaced a poorly-maintained section of the school’s front lawn with a “pocket meadow” of native plants. Students and neighbors participated in helping plant over 2000 small plugs which, in three growing seasons, have transformed the space. Along with the colorful displays of flowers from spring through fall, the site now attracts birds, butterflies and interesting bugs. It offers an incredible opportunity to learn basic principles of habitat, life cycles and watershed issues in our urban setting. This year, in partnership with nearby Jefferson University and the Audubon Society, we are sponsoring a small “Kelly Meadow Minders” group of 5th graders to help us investigate ways to use this space. This grant will help us expand on this start by providing materials to all teachers and classrooms so the Kelly Meadow becomes a place for hands-on learning in a living outdoor classroom. We will install a “magnifier station” (a large magnifying glass on a short podium) to help students and visitors study bug and plant life found in the meadow any time they visit. A time-lapse naturecam will allow us to record wildlife activity in the meadow, which can be viewed on computers from inside the building, allowing student participation in bird counts and identification. A rain gauge, new signage with seasonal interpretations, and a system for visitors to record observations, will enhance the meadow as a place of interest and learning to both students and neighbors. Additionally, we will fill a “Meadow Trunk” with materials available to all teachers to support classroom visits and suggest curriculum-based activities for each grade level in each of four categories: Habitat, Lifecycles, Watershed, and Human Interaction.

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