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Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pollinators and Native Plant Gardening
Budget: $450

The goal of this project is to bring awareness of the importance of pollinators and plants (native and food) to students. The relationship between pollinators and plants is important to nature's diversity and human health.

The project will involve several areas (planting, art) that will appeal to different students. Before spring, students will be introduced to a number of plants and the pollinators (wind, bees, butterflies, beetles, flies, etc.) they depend on to reproduce. Many native and food plants cannot propagate without the help of pollinators. The fact that some plants need specific pollinators emphasizes the need for the diversity of pollinators so a wide variety of plants can survive. As the school has a vegetable garden supported by prior Recyclebank grants, a discussion of the importance of pollinators to vegetables and fruits will also be planned. This pre-spring part of the program will include starting a variety of native plants from seed, which will include the help of a grow light purchased with a prior Recyclebank grant. Students will also be asked to start several art projects, which will include making signs for the current garden and decorating stones with relevant scenes, such as pictures of pollinators. In the spring, students will go to an adjoining existing garden (maintained by volunteers with the goal of involving students) to plant the seedlings (students take home the extras), add some plants purchased from a nursery (especially for plants difficult to start from seed), and lay the stones. An important highlight – a native tree will be planted in a bare spot; students will select a tree from a list of native trees known to promote the growth of pollinators. Teachers, parents, and Penn State Master Gardener volunteers will lead the discussions. The teachers will be guided by the book, Bringing Home Nature by Doug Tallamy, in classroom discussions when volunteers are not present.

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