Hampton Elementary School
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Hampton Elementary School

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Pollinator Garden
Budget: $848

This garden will attract bees, birds, and butterflies using native plants. The students and their parents will be able to see native plants, be able to read about them, and collect seeds yearly for distribution.

Students will first learn how to create a garden, then they will learn about the plants, and finally, they will learn about water conservation. In future years, we will discuss garden maintenance and hopefully, composting. The students (in our Green School Program) will learn to prepare ground for optimal planting, study what it means to be a pollinator and why they are important, research what native plants should be in the garden, and create laminated informational cards that will be displayed for the rest of the student population and the surrounding community. As part of the study of native plants, students will learn how much water the plants need and how their root systems actually help rainwater absorption and filtration. We will talk about water runoff and conservation through the rain barrel, which then will be used to water the garden during the summer months. In the fall, the students will be able to collect seeds and distribute them to the rest of our community, creating more opportunities for pollinators to thrive.

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