Griffin Elementary School
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Griffin Elementary School

Cooper City, Florida

Griffin Elementary promotes hydration stations to reduce plastic and save water!
Budget: $2471

Our goal is to encourage our students and staff to use less plastic and drink our city's tap water by bringing reusable water bottles to school to fill at our bottle-filling hydration stations. This would be one more initiative to increase our campus' sustainability.

By adding bottle-filling hydration stations, our school would become more sustainable, while teaching our staff and students the importance of reducing plastic waste. In order to promote our new hydration stations, students could create posters and public service announcements to share on our school’s morning announcements. Each year our environmental club visits the city water treatment plant to learn about how our water is extracted from the Biscayne Aquifer and treated and tested to ensure our safety. Also, each year our environmental club students manage a booth at a county event called Water Matters Day. Vendors and schools come to share water saving tips and educate the participants about the importance of clean water. Last year our students held a water tasting test “Tap vs. Bottled”. Many people realized that they couldn’t tell the difference between tap and bottled water and took a pledge to reduce their bottled water usage. We try and encourage our students and community to drink from the tap. A few years ago, our city water received state-wide recognition for its taste quality. Reducing our use of plastic not only benefits the environment by creating less plastic waste (since our country has only a 25% recycling rate) but it will also benefit our parents financially since they will not be buying bottled water, which can easily be accessed via our filling stations. Lastly, having a hydration campaign in hot, humid Florida is a great way to teach students the importance of hydration. Installing bottle-filling stations and encouraging the use of reusable bottles is a perfect fit for our school and our community.

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