Girard Academic Music Program
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Girard Academic Music Program

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Courtyard Herb Garden
Budget: $2300

Our goal is to bring a green aspect into the otherwise monochromatic courtyard. We want to engage students in the classroom by having them aid in the growing of herbs. We will promote healthy eating by using herbs in infused water and incorporate them into cooking. We will help the lunch staff use vermicompost to reduce food waste. We also want to beautify the space by bringing more greenery into our school.

We will have pallet gardens along the edges of the courtyard that will bring a green aspect into the courtyard. Students in science classrooms will be able to help grow the herbs from seeds and keep them alive during the winter using plant lights. We will coordinate with the health food coordinator at our school to use the fresh herbs that we grow in the lunch staff’s cooking as well as in infused water. We will also use vermicompost containers that will help reduce our food waste without the smell. We will introduce composting to lunch staff but not to students in order to keep the compost bins clean and free of non-compostables.

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