George W. Nebinger Elementary School
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George W. Nebinger Elementary School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Refill, Reuse, Reduce, Reflect
Budget: $2500

Nebinger will supply staff and students with reusable water bottles printed with our school logo, and install two hydration stations in order to provide convenient access to refill areas for the elementary and middle schools. These actions will reduce waste and support our school's focus on environmental awareness, sustainability, and health.

As part of our focus on environmental stewardship, Nebinger will continue our efforts towards eliminating school-wide use of plastic water bottles, and providing the education and awareness that will allow this environmental knowledge to carry over to student and staff members' home environments. In order to promote sustainability, we will reduce any need for disposable plastics within the school building by providing students and staff members with BPA-free refillable water bottles printed with the school logo. We will purchase two additional water bottle filling stations to complete our goal of providing convenient access for all middle and elementary school students and staff on every floor of our building. All students will receive instruction on the negative environmental impact of disposable plastics and the need to reduce the use of plastic. For homework, students will speak to their families and identify ways they can reduce the use of plastic at home. Information will be provided to families on this environmental issue and the requirement to send their student(s) to school each day with their refillable water bottle. We will encourage families to use refillable water bottles at home and within the community, and we will offer the logo bottles for purchase as a fundraising strategy to sustain a long-term program. We will submit information to our Neighborhood Associations' newsletters to spread the word about this project and encourage the community to reduce their use of plastic. A further benefit will be to encourage healthy hydration and reduce consumption of alternative beverages such as juices and sodas while at school.

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