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EXCEL Academy

McDonough, Georgia

Campaigning for Mother Earth!
Budget: $2500

So many political signs! Where do they all go when the election is over? They have littered our roads to tell us to vote, and then off to the landfills. I say, Campaign for Mother Earth! EXCEL Academy will be re-purposing political signs into recycling bins and much more!

EXCEL Academy's Art students and Key Club members are pumped for its new recycling project this year! We are an alternative school that has an alternative approach to this year's use of political campaign signs. Election run-offs will soon be over and there will be several signs coming down. We all know that each candidate and their supporters are excited to campaign for their cause, but not so enthusiastic about taking down their signs. We question candidates and their supporters on their stand for the environment, and their plan to reuse or recycle their many signs after the election. That's why we are partnering up with campaign offices and orchestrating a drop-off for signs at the school. Students will learn the laws on how signs can be posted, for how long, and who has the right to remove them according to city ordinances and state laws. It's very important that they understand they cannot remove signs themselves, even though it looks like litter. Students will then be instructed on how to create a sturdy recycling bin from a corrugated plastic political sign. We will make bins for every classroom and office in our school, and then continue to make bins for offices at the Board of Education and within the community. EXCEL Academy will challenge other schools to join us in our efforts to re-purpose these signs in their own creative way by posting our challenge on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). As art teachers, we have already begun using them as an alternative to canvas; they make for great paintings and can be cut to any size. We are grateful for this opportunity to make a difference in our community, and look forward to our project!

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