Eliza B. Kirkbride School
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Eliza B. Kirkbride School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydration, Sustainability, Green Leaders!
Budget: $1723

Our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles for our entire school community. By providing our students, teachers, and support staff with BPA-free aluminum water bottles, we hope to create a school culture that values waste reduction and promotes healthy hydration. Most importantly, we hope train the green leaders of tomorrow!

As our school already has water filling stations on each of our three levels, we will be ready to utilize our new water bottles immediately. To kick off this waste reduction initiative, all classrooms will perform a waste analysis by tracking how many plastic water bottles are thrown out in the classroom and lunchroom for a week. After a week, we will compile a school-wide analysis to track the number of plastic water bottles that are thrown out in a week and predict the number of water bottles that would be thrown away during the ten-month school year. Through this analysis, students will gain a clearer understanding of how their individual actions can lead to large amounts of waste. The following week, we will distribute the reusable water bottles with clips that can attach to students’ backpacks. During the week that students are given their water bottles, teachers will incorporate lessons about reducing, reusing, and recycling to encourage practices that are more sustainable for our planet. In addition, teachers will provide lessons that discuss the health benefits of hydration. This school-wide initiative will benefit our students and school in numerous ways. First, our school will dramatically decrease the amount of plastic waste that we create on a daily basis. Second, by performing a week-long waste analysis, students will gain a greater understanding of the environmental impact of their individual actions. Third, we will model and reinforce sustainable and waste reduction practices by providing each teacher, staff member and student with a reusable water bottle. Finally, we will encourage students to drink more water, as hydration is essential for overall health. We are so excited to implement this initiative and hope you are too!

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