Delta Kelly Elementary School
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Delta Kelly Elementary School

Charter Township Oakland, Michigan

Indoor Wall Gardens Connect Students with Outdoor Nature and Learning
Budget: $2500

Delta Kelly's goal is to implement vertical wall gardens/living walls with self-watering systems inside our school. By bringing the outdoors indoors, we will create a natural environment for teachers to inspire students with real world thinking around science, math, art and technology. Also, it will teach responsibility for taking care of plants.

Delta Kelly will put the vertical wall garden systems outside our main office. We have two large walls on each side and they will either be attached to the wall or on rollers. There is a huge skylight that projects lots of natural sunlight there. The plants will not only create a natural and healthier environment for the students but also will enhance existing curriculum and reduce stress. Teachers will be able to hold various lessons in this area. Since the hallway is large and wide, it can easily accommodate large class sizes. The lower elementary classes will focus on a plant's life, what it needs to survive, the importance of plant life and how this impacts having a healthy and clean living environment. The upper elementary classes will hold more complex lessons that involve math (measurement including volume, area, etc. calculations), technology of how the system works and further details regarding science (different plants, how they help us survive, etc.). All students will be involved in the art perspective – how we can design the plants and change their presentation. Hands-on learning truly reinforces curriculum at all levels.

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