Comenius School for Creative Leadership
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Comenius School for Creative Leadership

Fort Mill, South Carolina

Recycle Bins
Budget: $1300

The goal is that every classroom, administrative office, and common areas (gym and cafeteria) would have recycle bins. Having recycle bins in each classroom would help promote recycling at Comenius School.

My fourth grade class collects and promotes recycling at Comenius School. These students attend workshops and visit the recycling center to learn about the environmental benefits of recycling and the impact waste has on the environment. They collect school recycling on a weekly basis. After collecting the recyclables, the class walks them from Comenius School to Morning Star Fellowship Church, where the collection bins are held. Because of the school location, we are not able to receive recycling bins from York County. The school would like to purchase 20 recycling bins for use in classrooms and offices. We would like to purchase three larger recycle systems that can go in the two gyms and cafeteria. Third, we would like to purchase one or two large collection bins to keep outside the school and hold the recycling. The amount of recycling the school collects on a weekly basis is growing, making it challenging to haul it to Morning Star Fellowship Church.

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