Philadelphia International
Unity Cup
Friday, August 10th
Help us make this another fun,
zero waste event!

Philacycler Volunteer & Captain Sign-In Location:
Time: 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Location: Ramp Playground - 3300 Solly Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136

When you arrive, Bill Salvatore from Parks & Recreation (cell: 610-457-8783) will help provide you with instructions and direct you to one of the Waste Stations.

Philacycler Volunteer Responsibilities:

Philacycler Volunteers are responsible for manning one tri-material waste station, located throughout the event. Waste stations are comprised of three bins: waste, compost, and recycling. Philacycler volunteers will direct event participants to deposit their waste in the appropriate bin, and if necessary, redistribute any waste that gets put in the wrong bin.

Philacycler Captain Responsibilities:

Philacycler Captains are the Zero Waste experts for the event. Captains are responsible for overseeing a given area of the event and supervising a small group of Philacycler Volunteers. Philacycler Captains sign-in their volunteers and provide volunteers with a brief training on how to man the tri-material waste stations. Philacycler Captains are available to answer questions.

To sign up as a Captain, you must first attend a Captain’s Training Session. Click to view upcoming sessions.


Be sure to download the mobile app and use the check-in functionality to earn points and confirm that you attended. You need to do this in order to qualify for the exclusive rewards available through the Philaycle program.