Domtar EarthChoice® embodies Domtar’s belief that informed choices lead to better, more sustainable lives and a better world. EarthChoice represents the perpetual dialogue that Domtar has with is customers and stakeholders, and is a reminder that sustainability is a process, not a destination. EarthChoice means increasing responsibility for the entire fiber lifecycle – from the forest, through responsible production, usage, and recycling.

We Make Responsible Paper Easy

When you buy EarthChoice® FSC® certified paper, you can feel good knowing every sheet comes from responsibly managed forests. That means safeguards are in place to prohibit highly hazardous materials and protect water quality. After all, we want to ensure these forests remain a safe natural habitat, and a responsible source of paper, for generations to come.

We've done our part. Please do yours.

Buying responsibly sourced paper is a good start, but there's even more you can do. We depend on you to pitch in by recycling whenever possible. Together, we can make responsible paper usage a reality.

"To Print" Or "Not To Print"

Both print and digital communications have environmental costs. Follow the latest research and decide which is right for you with this handy infographic.

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Follow The Trail

Learn the social and environmental impacts of our responsibly crafted North American paper. Welcome to the Domtar Paper Trail.

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Change starts with you. The next time you need paper for your home or office, choose Domtar. Learn more about Domtar and where to buy our products. 

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