When we opened our doors on March 19, 1995, it was not our goal to become a "hidden treasure." Even though we take it as a complement, we do not want to remain hidden. We want all of you to find us and enjoy the shopping experience we offer. We use only the highest quality materials available, coupled with the highest standards in our industry to protect and preserve your fine art and heirlooms. Indeed, we believe we ARE the Conservation Framing experts in Oklahoma City. We Showcase Limited Edition art from all the major publishers, including Somerset House, The Greenwich Workshop, Hadley House and Mill Pond Press. We feature Limited Edition art from most of the top artists in the country as shown in U S Art Magazine. In Oklahoma City we are the exclusive representative for Cao Yong, Pino, Jesse Barnes, Mary Mark, Dale Terbush, Chiu Tak Hak, Kennedi Benjamin, and J.F. Policky. Art is above all "an adventure for the mind," and we invite you to come in for your next adventure. We are located at 10631 N. May Ave., The Village, OK 73120.

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