As one of the world’s largest publishers, Hearst Corporation believes responsible environmental stewardship is not only an integral part of doing business; it is at the core of who we are as a company. In recent years, we have managed to save 20,000 tons of fiber annually by reducing newspaper weight. Saving paper, however, is not our only focus. We are also aware of the importance of the source of our paper. Hearst continually reviews the ways we source and use the raw materials that go into the great magazines and newspapers we publish. In fact, Hearst is currently using more than 15% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper across its portfolio of publications and is dedicated to ensuring that 100% of our paper is legally harvested and does not come from endangered forests. One or Hearst’s many goals is to boost the number of magazines that are recycled, and thus far, has taken several key steps toward achieving this goal, including the following initiatives:

  • Working with Earth 911, a network of community-specific environmental resources, to help consumers identify convenient recycling locations and policies.
  • Playing a prominent role in helping the Magazine Publisher’s of America (MPA) drive its “Please Recycle” campaign
  • Participating in the launch of ReMix –Recycling Magazines is Excellent! –a national public education campaign aimed at increasing residential recycling of magazines and catalogs.

Hearst goes far beyond just paper in addressing its environmental duties. IT equipment that is in good working order but no longer meets corporate needs is donated to various charities, schools, and other non profit organizations. Furthermore, the design of the building we work in each day, eliminated the need for approximately 2,000 tons of steel, and 90% of the steel used to build the structure contains recycled material. As we are a larger buyer of paper, our purchases provide jobs and economic viability for many communities and companies along the supply chain. We have a very significant economic, social, and environmental responsibility and we will not pursue quick, easy, unsustainable solutions to fulfill short term purchasing needs. Hearst has always been determined to learn the right things to do, and convert them into actions. By focusing on the activities that we can control and influence, Hearst Corporation has put forth a tremendous effort to help sustain this planet.

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