Dog Beds for Less™ is a local company based in Northeast Minneapolis, which is a great choice for those looking to shop locally. For customers looking for more eco-friendly choices, even for their pets, Dog Beds for Less™ has a wide variety of pet products and accessories made with recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials. We’re committed to reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills by utilizing discarded materials, all while creating fun and unique products for the furry member of your family. Many of the materials that we use are actually new, they’ve just been discarded by someone else for one reason or another, or they are items like textiles and foam left over from a manufacturing process that leaves pieces too small or odd-shaped for the original user. Check out all of the eco-friendly products that we produce: pet beds, dog coats, raincoats, neckwear, Eco-squeek™ pet toys and leash accessories. We also produce those handy household plastic bag holders that you can hang from a hook, Stuff-It™, in four sizes. We can also customize any product for you. Just ask!

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