Partner & Advertiser Faqs

What budget should I allocate towards a rewards partnership with Recyclebank?
There is no cost to participate in the Recyclebank rewards program. Local and National businesses participate in the Recyclebank Rewards Program simply by honoring a reward that encourages households to recycle.

What type of marketing will my business receive as a rewards partner?
Your business will be advertised on the unique Recyclebank website. Reward partners receive logo placement, a reward description page, and a fully dedicated partner description page.

What are the reward denominations? Is there flexibility?
The Recyclebank Rewards Program has been successful in attracting over 1000 reward partners due to its flexibility in custom tailoring rewards that are designed to achieve each partner’s business requirements.

What is my business responsible for?
Enjoy the Recyclebank experience, greet your new customers with enthusiasm and honor the Recyclebank Rewards to help spread the word about Recyclebank’s environmental initiative.

How can my business become a Recyclebank partner?
Simply contact us at or at 1-888-727-2978.

Who will have access to my reward?
Your reward can be made available nationally or, if you would prefer, Recyclebank will geo-target each reward to the appropriately targeted members within a given radius to your business.

Can we control the number of rewards my company sponsors into the rewards program?
Yes, Recyclebank will work with your business to manage reward inventory and change your reward denominations as needed.