Qué hacer con un tubo de dentífrico vacío

Descubra modos en que puede darle una segunda vida con un nuevo propósito al tubo vacío de la pasta de dientes.
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Publicado originalmente: 16/06/09

¿Alguna vez han pensado en transformar un tubo de dentífrico? Yo tampoco hasta hoy. Ahora bien, si creen que les voy a dar una lista completa de ideas brillantes, se decepcionarán un poco. Luego de buscar en Internet, encontré solo 3 ideas realmente útiles (o al menos creativas) para reutilizar un tubo de dentífrico limpio y vacío:

  1. Knife and Scissors Protector

    This would be useful for the one-off knives lying in your kitchen drawer (as opposed to the ones in your knife block, if you have one), and is especially handy if your kitchen drawers are prone to rummaging by little hands. To make your knife or scissors protector, cut off the cap end of your toothpaste tube. Wash and dry the tube completely. Place the open end of the tube over your knife and voilà — instant protection!

  2. Pen Holder

    Following the same instructions as above, you can turn a toothpaste tube into a pen holder that works well when tacked to a cork board in your office or a peg board in your garage.

  3. Money Hider

    This one gets the prize for most creative. The next time you have a need to hide a wad of cash, clean out an empty toothpaste tube (do not cut the tube — it must stay in tact). Once dry, roll up your bills and insert them into the empty tube and replace the cap. To retrieve your money, you’ll need to cut off the end of the tube. I’m thinking this would be useful for travel, keeping a rainy day stash or hiding money from your spouse (kidding on that one folks!).