All About Rewards for
Recycling at Home

Thanks for recycling! It's great for the planet and your community.
And Recyclebank rewards you for your recycling with great deals
and discounts from hundreds of local and national partners.

How it Works

Recycle to earn points.

Your community's recyclables will be picked up and weighed. Each pound of materials collected equals 2.5 Recyclebank Points, and you'll automatically get your share of points based on how much your community recycles. Plus, you'll earn 10 bonus points when you report that you've recycled.

Report your recycling.

You’ll also earn 10 bonus points every week that you report your recycling to us. We’ll even remind you to do it!

See what you earned.

There are two ways to check on your point total:

Don’t forget! As a home recycling member, you received 300 bonus points just for signing up, so be sure to check out all the rewards you can get with your points.

Program Updates

We’re making Recyclebank better.

  • Based on feedback from members like you, we've made some updates to Recyclebank that we're very excited about. We now have a simpler, more accurate way to reward members for recycling. You'll always get points for recycling based on your community's recycling. Plus, you'll get bonus points each week you report your recycling to us. And, we're continuing to encourage whole communities to recycle more by awarding points based on community collection. At Recyclebank, we're continually looking to improve your experience — we'll keep you posted on future updates.
  • Read our FAQs for additional help.

More to Do at

Spread the word.

Invite a friend or neighbor to join Recyclebank, and earn additional points. Remember, the more everyone in your community recycles, the more you benefit.

Learn more. Earn more.