5 Easy Ways
to Make a
Greener School

Schools always reach their potential when the community comes together. If you want to make your school a cleaner, greener place, we've got some great ways for you to team up with parents, teachers, students and administrators.

Start with the Basics

If your children's school doesn't currently have a recycling program, team up with teachers, other parents and administrators to bring bins to classrooms, hallways and the cafeteria. If the school already recycles, make sure that there are always bins next to trash cans along with instructions on what's acceptable.

Never Settle for One Side

Paper's totally recyclable, but that doesn't mean you drop it in the bin after using one side. If teacher's aren't already cutting down on toner and paper by printing on both sides, request that they do, and always encourage your kids to draw and write on both sides when they're at home.

Flex Your Green Thumbs

Reach out to your school administrators and find out if there are any opportunities to plant trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables (if possible). They won't just produce cleaner air, they'll also help beautify the place in the process.

Get Crafty with Conservation

First, start with the basics. Make sure that there are ample reminders to turn off lights, water and computers at the end of the day. If the school budget allows, you could encourage administrators to install motion sensors on lights and faucets to help conserve resources.


Kids love their gadgets, but what happens when they're outdated? Instead of letting them gather dust in closets, drawers and garages, inspire students to start an e-cycling drive at school to save hundreds of old electronics from a landfill.

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