Need the low-down on using your points for rewards? Wondering how you can earn even more points? Have a super-specific, only-about-your-account-and-your-account-alone kind of question? We're here to help. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for all the answers on everything Recyclebank.

Rewards Delivery

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Q: How do I get my rewards?
A: The short answer: It depends. Mostly on the Recyclebank partner and the offer itself.

The long(er) answer: if it’s an online reward, you’ll be rewarded immediately after you checkout on our website. We’ll also send you an email, so you can redeem it whenever you’d like. If it’s a print at home reward, you can print it out on your personal printer. And, if it’s a mailed reward, we’ll mail it directly to you – First-Class Mail, because they are your rewards, after all.
Q: What are print at home rewards? How are they different from the rewards I’m used to? How does it work?
A: You earned those rewards and you deserve them right now. So, on select rewards, you can print them out directly from your own printer. Here’s how it works:

• When you’re browsing the rewards catalog, you’ll see a printer icon on some of the rewards.
• As soon as you check out, you’ll see a link to print on screen on the order confirmation and there is also a link for you to use in your rewards order summary email.
• It is up to the individual store's discretion whether they will accept rewards. Check directly with the store to see if the reward will be accepted.
Q: I noticed a printer icon on this reward, what does that mean?
A: The printer icon means you can print this reward yourself after checkout and bring it to your local retailer to use it. If it doesn’t have this icon, it means we’ll either mail your reward directly to you or it’s an online-redeemable reward.
Q: Why can I only print some of the rewards at home?
A: It’s up to the rewards partner. Many prefer to send you your rewards directly through USPS. We know this often isn’t the ideal solution – you want to use your rewards ASAP – so we’re working to offer as many rewards that can be printed immediately or redeemed online as possible.
Q: I don’t have a printer, how can I get these rewards?
A: No problem. We can mail them right to you. Just give us a call at 888.727.2978 and select option 2. We’ll send it to you via First-Class Mail (nothing but the best for you, my friend), but it might take up to 15 business days to land in your mailbox.
Q: Are there special terms or considerations for rewards that I print at home?
A: Not specifically for those rewards that you print yourself, but all rewards have their own terms and conditions (so be sure to check those out). And, unless the reward says otherwise, you may only claim the same reward up to five times a day.
Q: I want to print my rewards and it says I need to install software first. Why? Will I need to do this every time?
A: Yeah, that’s standard – it’s a one-time download from our partner at Coupons, Inc. It’s completely safe and is something every Recyclebank member needs to do. We promise it won’t violate your privacy or send you any unwanted communications without your permission.
Q: What else do I need in order to print my reward at home?
A: The Coupon Printer technology sends the reward directly to your printer, so as long as you have a printer, you’re good to go!
Q: I attempted to download the Coupon Printer software but it’s not working, why?
A: Ah, technology. Tricky little devil, huh? Well, not to worry. The issue is most likely related to your Internet browser.

Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, it might be that your ActiveX control for the Coupon printer was disabled during installation.

Here’s how to double-check that it’s installed properly:
• Find the ActiveX bar / Windows Information Bar across the top of the page.
• Do you see a message that says “The previous web page might require the following add-on: Couponprinter.ocx from Coupons Inc.”?
• If so, click on the bar and select “Install ActiveX” to let your internet browser print coupons.
Q: What are the browser/platforms the Coupon Printer currently supports?
A: As long as you have Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000 and are using Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox, Netscape 7 or higher, Chrome, Opera, and generally MSN and AOL browsers, you’re all set to print.

If you’re having trouble using MSN, AOL or Compuserve – we recommend switching to IE or Firefox.

For all you Apple lovers out there, we also support Macs with OS X 10.3 or higher when used with Safari 2 or higher.

Coupon printing is not supported on Linux or WebTV.
Q: I attempted to print but it failed and now it says my print limit is exceeded, what do I do?
A: First check your printer. Since your rewards are sent directly to your printer they may be waiting for you. You may be encountering a “Print Limit Reached” error message if you have attempted to print the same reward multiple times. If you encounter a “Print Limit Reached” error message and no rewards actually print, you should first check your printer settings and adjust your printer as necessary. If you are still unable to retrieve your print, please call 888.727.2978 and select option 3. We’ll get you your rewards.
Q: Why can’t I print from work or the library?
A: In order to print rewards, you need to download and install a program, and if you’re printing from somewhere other than you personal computer, you may not have the administrative rights to do so (even if you’ve installed other things on this computer in the past).

We recommend either printing from your home or personal computer or contacting the administrator of the shared computer you’re using now.
Q: I clicked ‘Print All Now’’ but nothing happened.
A: The printing screen will pop up in a new browser window (so that you don’t get pulled away from your checkout page information), so be sure you allow pop-ups from RecycleBank in your browser settings.
Q: I don’t have a printer but my friend does, can I forward my order summary email to my friend so s/he can print for me?
A: Absolutely. But once the reward is printed (by you or someone else) you will not be able to print it again. So be sure this friend keeps a close eye on the print-out.
Q: When should I expect to receive my mailed rewards?
A: It takes a few days to process and print your reward order, so we send mailed rewards First-Class Mail so that you'll get them within 7 - 10 business days. If you placed your rewards order more than 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive them, email us and we'll hunt them down for you.
Q: I didn’t receive my gift card. What gives?
A: Your gift card will be sent to the email address associated with your Recyclebank account 5-7 days after the order is placed. If 5-7 days have already passed, there is a chance you could have missed the email notification or it fell into your junk folder.
Q: When does the gift card expire?
A: Great news—Recyclebank gift card rewards do not expire.
Q: Do I need to print the gift card in color or will it be accepted in black and white?
A: The gift card can be printed in color or black and white; it will be accepted both ways.
Q: I checked my inbox and junk mail folder and still nothing. What now?
A: Contact Member Support. We may need to update your email address in our system.

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