Need the low-down on using your points for rewards? Wondering how you can earn even more points? Have a super-specific, only-about-your-account-and-your-account-alone kind of question? We're here to help. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for all the answers on everything Recyclebank.

Q: How does recycling help my city/community?
A: We can't come up with a way that it doesn't help! Recycling keeps our streets clean by reducing trash. Recycling lets us reclaim reusable materials so we don't have to extract new resources from the environment, which is also great for the planet. Recycling also helps your community save money by avoiding landfill fees and generates money from the sale of recyclable material that's collected.
Q: In my community, I report my recycling and get 10 bonus points. How do I report?
A: A couple of ways:

1. Go to Earn Points and click the "Tell Us You Recycled" box each week you recycle.
2. Tell us from the comfort of, well, anywhere using the free Recyclebank smartphone app.
3. You can also set a Recycling Reminder in your Account Settings. We’ll email you each week to remind you to report your recycling.
Q: In my community, I can get points for recycling and additional points when I report I recycled. I reported my recycling but don’t see the points yet. Why not?
A: You should receive your points for reporting each week instantly. If you don’t receive them right away, let us know. You earn points for every pick-up. Sometimes this is weekly, sometimes bi-weekly. Watch your transaction summary for your points based on recycled materials.
Q: What do I do if I forgot to report my recycling?
A: You can only report your recycling during the calendar week (Monday–Sunday) in which your pick-up occurred. You cannot report for past weeks. To help you remember to report your activity, set a Recycling Reminder in your Account Settings.
Q: I’ve waited more than 4 weeks to report my recycling. What does that mean?
A: Unfortunately, we can only award you points for the current week, and, of course, all of the recycling you report going forward.
Q: How many points can I earn each month for home recycling with Recyclebank?
A: A lot. You can earn up to 450 points a month or 5,400 points a year just from home recycling. But, there's no limit to the number of points you can earn from taking green actions online. And we're adding new green actions all the time, so be sure and Earn Points every day.
Q: How many pounds must I recycle in order to earn points?
A: For every one pound of recycling in your community, Recyclebank converts that amount to 2.5 Recyclebank Points. Then you receive your share of the points for recycling.
Q: What can I recycle?
A: Generally speaking: paper, glass, metal, some plastic. But, check with your local municipality or waste hauler to get the most accurate list of what’s accepted in your community.
Q: What if I have more recyclables than fit in my cart?
A: What a great “problem” to have! Check with your local municipality or waste hauler to see if they can accommodate you.
Q: What happens if I put items in my recycling cart that are not recyclable?
A: Depending on the recycling program in your community, it could make the entire batch of collected materials unusable. This is something your town and Recyclebank take seriously and strive to avoid. Please be careful to only place items in your cart that your community deems recyclable.
Q: How can I get my community involved in the Recyclebank program?
A: Glad you asked—we love making new friends! Just contact your local government and tell them how it can save—and even make—your community money and beautify all of your surroundings.

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