Need the low-down on using your points for rewards? Wondering how you can earn even more points? Have a super-specific, only-about-your-account-and-your-account-alone kind of question? We're here to help. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for all the answers on everything Recyclebank.

Earning/Redeeming Points

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Q: How can I earn Recyclebank Points?
A: Well, first you need to be a member. So, if you’re not yet – sign up STAT! Next, you can start earning points in loads of different ways – from recycling in select communities to saving energy at home and even just by learning about the different ways you can help the environment.

No matter which way you decide to take action and earn points, the gist is basically the same – do something good for the environment and get Recyclebank Points that you can redeem for thousands of goodies.
Q: How do I order my rewards?
A: Sign in to your account and click on the title Get Rewards to browse all current rewards offerings. You can look for a specific reward using the search box or select one of the available filters. Clicking on a reward will provide more information about it, the partner and if there’s any terms and conditions associated with the reward. You'll want to read the T&Cs before adding the reward to your cart. Once you’ve selected the rewards you want, check out and you're all set.
Q: Will my Recyclebank Points expire?
A: As long as your Recyclebank account is active at least once every twelve (12) months (meaning there's some points-earning or points-spending), your points won’t expire. You’ll continue to accrue points month-to-month and year-to-year, so you can use them for that perfect little something.
Q: Do Recyclebank rewards expire?
A: All good things must come to an end, and that’s most certainly true for some of our rewards. You’ll see the expiration date of our rewards in the terms and conditions within the reward itself. If it’s a print-at-home reward, it will expire at that time or 30 days from the day you print it. Make sure you take note of both, so you can get the most out of the rewards you choose.
Q: What if I did not receive my points credit?
A: Well, that’s not good! We’ll fix that right away – contact us via email at info@recyclebank.com.

One thing to double-check before you take the time to call: your transaction summary in your account. If you’ve reached your monthly points limit, we’re not able to give additional points.
Q: Will the rewards program change? Will the rewards change?
A: Our rewards program changes all the time. And that’s a great thing! It’s so you can take advantage of the best products, deals and discounts available. New businesses join us who often have exciting limited time offers for you – so be sure you’re checking out the available rewards often.
Q: I can only order 5 of the same reward at a time. Why?
A: We implemented this measure to make sure you only have enough rewards that you can actually use. We'd hate for you to order too many rewards and have them expire or not be accepted at a store because of a purchase limit.

However, if you’re interested in ordering more than 5 of any given reward, feel free to place multiple orders! Just be sure you double check the terms & conditions for each reward you order.

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