August 23, 2018


In 2013, the city of Phoenix launched the Reimagine Phoenix campaign and set a goal to divert 40 percent of trash from the landfill by 2020. In January 2017, our Recyclebank team was proud to join this bold effort. However, on July 25, we were notified that the city of Phoenix had prematurely ended our contract. We are disappointed to be ending our journey just as we were making strides at growing the program and delivering impactful education. 


Unfortunately, as a result of the decision by the city of Phoenix to end its partnership with Recyclebank, your account will be closed. After August 25th, Phoenix households will no longer be able to earn rewards for recycling, learning online, or using the mobile app and unused points will be cancelled. We regret the impact the City’s decision will have on you. We can only hope the city will continue to invest in sustainable education for its residents. 


We are so grateful for our Recyclebank members and business partners in Phoenix and all that we have accomplished together over the past 17 months. Your actions and participation made an impact in a short amount of time. Together, with nearly 120,000 of your neighbors:

  • You earned 265+ million points by learning from 400,000 online quizzes, articles, and stories and diverting 51 million pounds from the landfill! This has the same environmental impact of:
    • 320,458 trees saved
    • 142,161 cars taken off the road
    • Energy savings from turning off 194 million TVs
  • More than 40% of your earned points were redeemed for tens of millions of dollars in reward value, supporting 200+ local businesses
  • Your donated points helped support local non-profit organizations including helping to fund Maryvale High School’s student-led sustainability project through a $2,500 grant 


We started this journey towards waste reduction and sustainability together— and now it is up to you to keep the movement going. Please continue to support great organizations like Local First Arizona and Keep Phoenix Beautiful who are working towards a cleaner and greener future for your neighborhoods.


We remain committed to working toward a waste-free future, and we hope that you will too!



Paul Winn Signature


Paul Winn

CEO, Recyclebank





For further information, please visit or contact the City of Phoenix at (602) 262-6251.