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Every day, we bring together local municipalities and their residents, waste haulers and local and national brands to deliver on our promise of creating a more sustainable future. We're always interested in creating new partnerships that can help us achieve that goal.

A Partner For Municipalities 
and Haulers

Recyclebank is a partner that generates economic, environmental, and social benefits for both municipalities and haulers. 

By motivating communities to increase household recycling, Recyclebank can help municipalities realize sustainability goals, cost reductions, increased community engagement, and increased support for local businesses. When working with haulers, Recyclebank works to drive market differentiation, increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty. Recyclebank is a trusted green brand that can help generate customer acquisition and retention.

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Become a Recyclebank
Rewards Partner

Are you a small business owner who would like to grow your business while also making a positive impact in your community? You can join our rewards program and increase foot traffic, sales, and also reward your neighbors for taking actions like recycling.

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A Unique Marketing Opportunity for Brands of All Sizes

For brands looking to make a positive environmental impact, Recyclebank rewards individuals for taking everyday green actions — including increasing household recycling, reducing household energy usage, and learning how to live greener lives. Unlike traditional media buys, Recyclebank is a trusted green brand with an active community of committed, eco-engaged consumers.

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