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Rochester Hills Announces Most Innovative Recycling Program In the Midwest

Written by RecycleBank
Published: November 10, 2008

New Single Waste Hauler Program and Recyclebank Program Received Unanimous Support

On Monday, November 10, 2008, Allied Waste was selected as the official city trash hauler for the City of Rochester Hills. Rochester Hills City Council unanimously approved a new Solid Waste Program that will save residents money and benefit our environment.
This historic vote secured Rochester Hills as the first community in the State of Michigan, and in fact the entire Midwest to offer the incentive based recycling program called Recyclebank.
Mayor Bryan K. Barnett said, “This is a historic day for our city and a huge win for our residents. When so many governmental agencies are taking money out of people’s pockets, we are putting money back into our residents’ hands. In these tough economic times, I believe our residents and environment will greatly benefit from this ground breaking program.”
The city negotiated a five-year contract with a possible five-year extension that will guarantee pricing for five years and protect residents from unexpected price increases. The price includes unlimited trash pickup, monthly bulk pickup, seasonal yard waste and a state of the art recycling program. The contract also includes a fuel adjustment clause that will only allow one adjustment per year, and the opportunity for a price decrease when fuel costs go down. The cost for the first year will be $46.14 per quarter for each single-family home.
The following discounts are also available:
• Senior citizens 65 years of age or older (5 %)
• Pre-pay discount for pre-paying for 12 months of service (5%)
• Online payments (3%).
These discounts can be combined for a total of a 13% discount off the base price.
A 95-gallon cart for trash and a 65-gallon cart for recycling will be provided to all single-family homes, and trash will be picked up Monday through Thursday with no more trash left out on weekends. Condos, apartments and businesses will not be included in this program.
Rochester Hills Becomes State’s Green Leader
The most exciting component of the new program is Recyclebank. This innovative recycling program will establish Rochester Hills as a green leader in the State of Michigan. Residents who participate in the recycling program will earn points each week and become eligible to receive
exclusive coupons that can be redeemed at national and local businesses in the community. This program will increase recycling, decrease landfill use, save trees and oil, and return cash to our local businesses and economy. The new list of recyclable materials is guaranteed to be the most comprehensive in the state.
“This program is a win-win for our residents,” said Mayor Barnett. “Lower cost for trash removal and fuel surcharges, less trucks on the subdivision streets, a recycling program that pays, a four-day trash pickup week, and accountability requiring professional customer service. The development of this program was years in the making and required a huge team effort. The future is green here in Rochester Hills.”
Once the details of the transition plan are finalized, residents will be notified. The program is anticipated to begin March 30, 2009. For more information, please contact the Building Department at 248 656-4615.

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