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Aviant Systems Builds Cellular RFID Solution For Recyclebank

Written by Recycling Today
Published: February 23, 2010

Aviant Systems Inc., New York City, has introduced an open-standard wireless solution working with RecycleBank. Through the program, recycling collection trucks in Burlington, N.J., will be the first to use the on-board RFID system, which automatically records and transmits customer pick-up information over a cellular network connection.


Aviant built the on-board solution to collect data using RFID at each pick-up location and to transmit the information to a data processing center at regular intervals throughout the day. With the RFID, it is possible to know the exact day and time a customer’s recycling was collected, according to an Aviant press release. Trucks can also be located at any time using their GPS coordinates.


“We experimented with several different frequencies and RFID components to build a solution for RecycleBank that is rugged enough to handle various weather conditions,” says Henry Bonnell, president, Aviant Systems, Inc. “The end result is a flexible and robust system that offers a significant amount of processing power on each vehicle.”


When one of the Burlington trucks is started, the on-board wireless solution powers up. An automated arm on the truck lifts and empties recycling containers. The arm is equipped with a sensor that detects movement, which activates the RFID reader to read the tag on the container and record the data to the on-board database, the company says. This includes the truck, date, time, RFID number and GPS coordinates of the pick-up location. The information is sent to a data processing center.


If an error occurs with the on-board solution, Aviant can send a new application and/or initialization file directly to the remote unit. If the system needs to be rebooted, the driver can simply turn the truck off and restart it. Aviant says there is no keyboard, mouse or monitor on-board that could complicate the diagnostic process.


The solution is currently a non-weighing solution, but according to Bonnell, developments are under way to integrate weight scales with the system. Aviant also plans to add the ability to read bar code tags. Both capabilities are expected by the third quarter of 2010.


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