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eBay and RecycleBank hook up to reward re-users

Written by Ashley Phillips, Green Right Now
Published: February 4, 2010

eBay, the giant online garage sale facilitator, and RecycleBank, the company that figured out how to get Americans recycling by offering them consumer rewards, have announced a partnership in which each company will offer incentives to the other companies clients.

Kind of like a swap-meet in the middle of a flea market.

A little history: eBay, the online marketplace that began in 1995, began thinking green in 2007 when a group of employees formed eBay’s Green Team community. The Green Team tries to inspire eBay’s 90 million users to “buy, sell & think green every day” by offering pertinent eco-friendly tips and sustainable advice.

Enter RecycleBank, a fast-growing company that rewards its consumers for recycling by giving them points based on the weight of the products recycled.

The companies are partnering to reward eBay users for reusing, which is integral to what they’re doing anyway when they sell or buy previously owned products. (According to eBay,”the greenest products are ones that already exist.”)

RecycleBank will give 50 points to each of its members who joins eBay’s Green Team community and also plans to soon allow its members to use their RecycleBank points for discounts on eBay purchases.

“RecycleBank has always been rewarding more responsible environmental behavior like recycling for households across America. Working with eBay on an initiative to promote reuse and rewarding consumers for that behavior becomes a natural progression of our business,” said Morley Ivers, RecycleBank Chief Rewards Officer.

In just five years, RecycleBank consumers have more than doubled the quantity of items recycled. To date, RecycleBank has saved 4.3 million trees and 288 million gallons of oil through recycling, the company estimates.

For eBay, the reward is more eyeballs on its listings, meaning more potential buyers and sellers.

“Thousands of eBay sellers have built successful businesses by recycling, re-using and re-selling products that already exist and may otherwise have ended up in landfills. Our relationship with RecycleBank offers an innovative way to encourage and reward green-conscious consumers who are looking for more sustainable ways to shop,” said Amy Skoczlas Cole, Director of the eBay Green Team.


You can also check out the article here.

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