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New Recycling Program Runs Smoothly

Written by Courier Post
Published: July 1, 2008

By Julia Hays

CHERRY HILL — The township launched a new, incentive-based recycling program Monday.
Recyclebank, a private firm based in Philadelphia, rewards residents for their recycling efforts by calculating the weight of the recycled material, and rewarding Recyclebank Points, which can be used to obtain coupons and gift cards to area businesses.
Fred Neary, business development representative of FCR Camden LLC, was in contact with the five trucks collecting in the township and said the program is running smoothly so far.

"They said so far (the load) is extremely heavy," said Neary. "People may have held back on their recycling until today for the start of the program." This means the trucks need to unload more often, but collection has remained on schedule. FCR had anticipated an increased rate of recycling with the introduction of the new program."Based on what we've seen from other municipalities (using Recyclebank) and Cherry Hill's pilot program, we may see an increase of 80 percent to 90 percent," said Neary. "Cherry Hill is the largest municipality, with over 20,000 homes, in Camden County. We're expecting a huge bump in recycling."

FCR had recently invested $4 million to switch over to single stream recycling, which means residents can put all of their recyclable materials into one bin.
The waste is separated through a process of seven screenings at the FCR facility. The materials are ultimately recycled by a number of sources, said Neary.
Aluminum cans may be recycled by Anheuser Busch, while plastics can be used to make carpeting or clothing, said Neary. Approximately 5 percent to 6 percent of material brought into FCR is waste, which is separated from the recyclable materials and discarded.

A smaller, 64 gallon bin, is available to residents through Recyclebank, said Recyclebank spokeswoman Lisa Pomerantz. Recyclebank and the township are encouraging residents to use the 96 gallon bins which were distributed in June. "They are easier to move than the older bins, they're on wheels and they don't need to be carried," said Dan Keashen, township spokesman. "If it becomes an issue then we will need to address it." The township and the company expect that the larger bins will encourage residents to recycle more.

Another factor motivating residents are the incentives. Residents have 60 days to activate their Recyclebank accounts, and will receive 40 bonus points upon activation, said Pomerantz. Residents can call or visit the Recyclebank Web site to keep track of the number of points they have accumulated.

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