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Maple Grove to Unveil Rewards for Recycling Program

Written by Tim Harlow, Star Tribune
Published: January 16, 2009

Maple Grove becomes the second city in Minnesota to deploy Recyclebank

If helping to save the environment isn't enough of an incentive, Maple Grove officials hope gift cards to Target, Cub Foods and other local establishments will spur residents to step up their recycling efforts.

Under a new rewards-for-recycling program set to begin the first week of February, single-family households can earn points simply for tossing junk mail, newspapers, magazines, cans and bottles into their recycling bins rather than discarding them with the trash. The points can be redeemed for vouchers -- worth as much as $20 per month -- that can be cashed in at grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants, said Lisa Pomerantz, a spokeswoman for Recyclebank, the New York-based firm contracting with Allied Waste to bring the initiative to Maple Grove.

Full-time participants could earn credits that total as much as $400 a year.

Maple Grove will be the second city in the state to participate in Recyclebank. The program received a warm reception when it made its Minnesota debut in November in Eden Prairie, said Leslie Stovring, the city's recycling coordinator.

“We are already seeing more people setting recycling out consistently,” she said. “It's good for the community. It's good for the state. People actually are getting a benefit from recycling.”

New recycling containers with computer chips are being delivered to each of the 23,000 households in Maple Grove this week and next.

Trucks that pick up the recyclables twice a month scan the container each time a household puts out recyclables. The total collective weight of recycled materials picked up from participating residents throughout the city is weighed at the tip station.

All households that participate in the pickups during that week are awarded 2.5 points for every pound of material recycled.

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