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It's Your Money: Recyclebank

Written by KRIS 6 News
Published: February 18, 2013

CORPUS CHRISTI - We have another special report looking at how the city spends some of your tax dollars, and this one is all about going green.

Back in December, the city paid more than $54,000 to a company called Recyclebank. The money goes towards running a program that rewards people for recycling.

You've probably seen the trucks around town, picking up those blue bins filled with recyclables outside of homes.

Here's how it works. You put things like your cans, plastic bottles, and paper into those bins and Recyclebank gives you points that you can redeem for discounts at local restaurants, or you can donate your points to other organizations around town.

You can register for the program and manage your points online at

In the last year, the program has recycled 28 million pounds of materials. To put that in perspective, that's over half the weight of the U.S.S. Lexington.

And that recycled material resulted in roughly $850,000 in revenue for the city. That money goes into the general fund.

So to keep the program running, the city pays Recyclebank 58 cents a month per household, and currently, there are over 88,000 households that participate in the program throughout the city.

The money helps maintain equipment, like the trucks, and goes toward events that Recyclebank hosts to educate people about recycling.

Gillan Taddune is the Vice President of Client Services for Recyclebank, and says the program is like a frequent flier program for the environment.

"More and more people are recycling and they're understanding that this is something that's the right thing to do. And we're really happy that we can reward them for doing that, and by rewarding them, we think that they're going to recycle even more," she says.

She added that in the last year, those discounts people earned at local businesses resulted in about $400,000 being spent back into the local economy.

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