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Ziploc launches new recycling program

Written by Melissa Hinchy-Ownby, Mother Nature Network
Published: February 9, 2011

Although reusable sandwich and snack bags are becoming more popular, there are still millions of American households that are sticking to their favorite favorite plastic sandwich bags. Ziploc and RecycleBank are joining forces to launch a new recycling program to help reduce the environmental impact of Ziploc plastic bags. The new program offers a rewards program to customers who commit to recycling their used Ziploc bags instead of throwing them away.


Consumers can recycle their clean and dry Ziploc bags at one of about 18,000 in-store recycling centers across the country. The bags can be deposited alongside plastic shopping bags for recycling. The key is the bags need to be clean and dry. While this may sound like a nuisance to a hurried mom trying to unpack a child’s lunch box at the end of the day, it is a momentary inconvenience that can have a positive and long-term effect on the environment. Diverting waste, especially plastic bags, from landfills is a win-win situation for everyone.


To help compensate for this small inconvenience, Ziploc and RecycleBank are incentivizing the process through the rewards program.


"At RecycleBank, we know that incentivizing families can help inspire change, and through our partnership with Ziploc, we continue to increase our commitment to motivate and reward consumers for taking sustainable actions," said Ian Yolles, chief sustainability officer for RecycleBank. "We know there is not always a practical solution for brands to reduce their landfill contribution and environmental impact, and it is through partnerships like this that we are able to expand our recycling programs and work towards a goal of realizing a world where nothing is wasted." Source: Ziploc


If you want to participate in the program but aren’t in an area served by RecycleBank, begin looking for specially marked boxes of Ziploc bags in the next two months. These boxes will include a special code that can be redeemed for reward points if you pledge to recycle the bags.


SC Johnson, owner of the Ziploc brand, understands the recycling limitations of its products and is thinking of different ways to offset the environmental footprint of its plastic bags. In 2009, the company launched the evolve product line which uses 25 percent less plastic and is made in a facility that is partially powered by wind energy. The company has also created multiple-use containers to encourage customers to reduce waste.


While this program is designed to encourage families to recycle their Ziploc bags, SC Johnson hopes that it leads families to begin a more comprehensive residential recycling program. Ziploc wants the program to inspire families to embrace the importance of recycling at all levels and eventually divert more than 100 million pounds of waste from area landfills over the next two years.


You can also view this article here.

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