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Recycling in Montgomery Sees 39 Percent Increase

Written by Shauna Steigerwald, Cincinnati Enquirer
Published: November 30, 2009

Montgomery residents have increased their recycling rate by 39 percent since October 2008, when Rumpke Recycling implemented larger carts, additional promotions and incentives.

Prior to October 2008, the average Montgomery household recycled 11 pounds of material each week, 576 pounds a year. Since the program was revamped, the average household increased its recycling to 15.5 pounds a week, 804 pounds a year.

Community-wide, residents recycled more than 1,200 tons since adopting the program, compared to 978 tons the year prior.

“Montgomery residents have responded very well to the changes to program and are taking a more critical look at what they are throwing away,” said Mayor Gerri Harbison.

Last October, Rumpke Recycling upgraded Montgomery recycling containers from the 18-gallon red recycling bins to 65-gallon recycling carts. Households could also sign up for the Recyclebank program to earn reward points based on the amount of material recycled.

In addition to upgrades to the city’s recycling program, Montgomery took a more active role in promoting the importance of recycling to residents in 2009.

“The citizen Environmental Advisory Council played a large part in the success of this program.” Harbison said. “They worked in conjunction with City staff to promote recycling at events throughout the year, as well as to their friends and neighbors.”

“We are very pleased with the results in Montgomery. According to initial research, while the addition of the ReycleBank program had a role in these higher rates, the larger recycling containers, coupled with more public outreach, have taken recycling to another level in Montgomery,” said Jeff Rumpke, vice president of Rumpke.

Montgomery was the first city in Ohio to adopt the Recyclebank program. The two-year pilot program was a nearly $300,000 investment by the partner organizations, including a $100,000 grant from Ohio Department of Natural Resources, more than $70,000 from the Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District and nearly $115,000 from Rumpke Recycling.

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