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Southaven to reward recycling

Written by Yolonda Jones, The Commercial Appeal
Published: June 18, 2010

Curbside recycling is coming to Southaven this fall.

The Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday night to sign a contract with Waste Connections, a Knoxville-based solid waste company, to implement the recycling program with benefits.

The city's curbside recycling program will allow residents to earn reward points that can be redeemed for discounts at national chains such as Target and local businesses.

The city will pay $180,000 to offer the program free to residents for three months -- October, November and December.

After that time, residents must decide whether to opt out of the program or pay the $6.25 a month fee that will be added to their city water bill.

Aldermen William Brooks quizzed Waste Connections representatives about how the program would work.

Residents will be given a 96-gallon bin that looks like a garbage can. Twice-a-month, the wheeled bins will be collected from the curb by Waste Connections.

There will be no need for residents to sort the recycled material, said Randy Cannon with Waste Connections.

He said his company or another recycling company will sort the material at their plant.

"It will not just be dumped in a landfill, it will be recycled," he told Brooks.

Cannon said Southaven will be the first city in Mississippi to offer the incentive curbside recycling program.

Waste Connections has partnered with the New York-based Recyclebank program to offer the service.

The recycle bins, which are fitted with an electronic bar code, are weighed when they are collected. How much residents recycle is tallied, and they earn reward points that can be redeemed for coupons online or through the mail.

Customers can track their recycling rate online or by phone through RecycleBank.

The program is slated to begin Oct. 1 in Southaven.

You can also view the story here.

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