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Cincinnati Recycling Program To Undergo Changes

Written by NBC 5
Published: June 17, 2010

CINCINNATI -- You can look forward to changes for the city of Cincinnati’s recycling program this fall.

As part of an agreement with Cascade Engineering, some city residents will now receive large recycling containers.

The majority of residents will receive 96-gallon containers starting September 2010, while smaller households will receive 65-gallon containers.

In order to receive the containers, residents will have to enroll in the RecycleBank program.

The program, which is modeled after credit card companies’ reward systems, has increased recycling participation from 50 to 400 percent across in cities across the nation, according to the city of Cincinnati.

“We believe the RecycleBank program will bring meaningful value for Cincinnati residents and drive business to our neighborhood business districts,” said Larry Falkin, director of the Office of Environmental Quality. “With the addition of the RecycleBank program, residents can earn hundreds of dollars in rewards a year just by recycling.”

Under the changes, recyclables will now be collected every other week beginning in October as well.

On the new containers, residents will be able to find the city’s new collection schedule. The city the modified schedule will save Cincinnati about $700,000 in collection costs and created less pollution.

Rumpke Recycling will still be responsible for collecting and processing recyclables.

“If we just keep the small bins, and do the same awareness outreach and marketing efforts we have done for the past 20 years, we would not be able to reach the goals set by council,” said Sue Magness, Cincinnati’s recycling coordinator. “But by adopting new technology, and research proven strategies, I am confident we will double the volume of recyclable collected and reach our 30 percent diversion goal by 2012.”

Any resident living in a single or multi-family residence with Cincinnati curbside trash service can sign up for the recycling program free of charge.

You can also view the story here.

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