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Get Paid to Recycle

Written by ABC News
Published: April 19, 2010

Recycling is good for the planet, that's something we all know. But now it can be better for your wallet. A new program kicked off today in Catoosa, Walker and Hamilton counties to help give folks a better reason to separate the paper from the plastic.

"We want to reach out to the customers that are and used to be Allied Waste residential garbage customers. And we'd like for them to reach out to us and offer some incentive for them to get started in the program. Because, it is the right thing to do to save the environment," said Joe Salamone.

Allied Waste is teaming up with Recycle Bank to encourage more people to recycle. The program, which costs about $5.75 a month, offers points per pound of recycled items. The points in turn can be redeemed for coupons and gift certificates. Joe Salamone, the GM for Allied Waste, says on average, only 20% of people recycle. The new recycling program is in 25 states, where by contrast more than 80% of those states population are now recycling.

"The maximum is 40 dollars a month. So this can really help the common resident out. Again, every day rewards for every day people. There's something for everyone to choose from," said Salamone.

For every 20 pounds, you get 50 points, or $5 and Salamone says the average person gets 20 bucks a month to go towards coupons. Along with nation businesses, many local businesses are pitching in, such as Learning Express, Rock Creek, hair-a-go-go, and Greenlife Grocery.

"I think that as long as there's enough businesses in Chattanooga cooperating together that it'll outweigh the cost of what you're having to pay to be member. If you can get discounts at every every location that you shop throughout the year, then I think it's totally worth it," said Blaire Foster, the marketing representative for Greenlife Grocery.

Greenlife is offering a deal for $5 off your $25 purchase. So in one weeks worth of recycling, you've already made your money back!

So by tossing your paper, plastic, and metal, to can earn gift certificates and coupons, for nearly 20 local businesses such as:

The Fresh Market

Rock/Creek Outfitters

Tennessee Aquarium

Marble Slab Creamery

Pump it up Chattanooga

Lenny's Sub Shop

Bones' Smokehouse

Fox Cay Restaurant

Trek Bicycle Shop


Greenlife Grocery


Creative Disvocery museum

Chattanooga Lookouts

212 Market Restaurant

Learning Expretss Toys

Smoothie King

Pizza Hut

Little Shining Stars

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