Who We Are

Recyclebank is on a mission to motivate individuals and communities to realize a world in which nothing is wasted — changing how people view their role in creating a more sustainable future.

That is a pretty bold statement, but one that we're tirelessly working to accomplish. Through partnerships with communities, waste haulers, locally-based businesses and national brands, Recyclebank incentivizes green actions, like recycling, with reward points that can be redeemed for discounts and deals from more than 4,000 reward partners.

We have found that what we call "gaming for good," which combines game mechanics with environmental good, can have a measurable impact on consumer behavior and the environment, and we have used this concept as the guiding principle for our business since our founding.

By educating and empowering our more than four million members online and offline, we aim to help communities increase recycling rates and encourage Recyclebank members to take other everyday green actions like curbing energy and water consumption and making smarter transportation choices.

Walking the Talk

Our belief is that our company can do well by doing good. Recyclebankers are encouraged to take one paid "volunteer day" each quarter and donate their time and services to the nonprofit or community organization of their choosing. As a company, the entire team volunteers together in recognition of Earth Day. In addition, we're advised by our Sustainability Advisory Council, with members representing an intersection of sustainability, business and nongovernmental organizations who provide counsel on the latest environmental issues and how to develop and adapt our company's products, partnerships and programs. Further, since 2009, Recyclebank has been a certified B Corporation, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We also voluntarily offset our carbon footprint by partnering with NativeEnergy, which helps businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Fostering Green Superheroes

Each semester, the Recyclebank Green Schools program awards environmental project grants to schools in Recyclebank communities. Together, these schools, their students and their communities work together to encourage residents to donate points that we transfer into real dollars for schools — thereby turning a community's green actions into funds for a local school. Since 2007, Recyclebank has granted close to $400,000 to more than 125 schools.

To learn more about our program, visit Green Schools.

Increasing Recycling

In the face of low and stagnant recycling rates, Recyclebank has seen that the addition of incentives can be a powerful catalyst to mobilize and sustain green behavior in communities. We've seen hundreds of diverse communities improve waste diversion rates using our program and other recycling efficiencies. In many cases, Recyclebank is part of an integrated approach to smarter waste management, which sometimes includes a switch to single-stream recycling (in which all items go into one container), the acceptance of additional recycling materials; collection efficiencies; and deployment of larger collection containers.

If your community is interested in partnering with Recyclebank, please visit Partner With Us.

Encouraging Greener Lifestyles

We partner with like-minded, leading national brands to educate people across the sustainable lifestyles spectrum, developing educational tools that encourage greener lifestyles. In addition to household recycling, members can also be rewarded for taking eco-challenges, engaging with educational content and pledging to make more sustainable choices online.

We also aim to provide our members with rewards that can be used on a daily basis, including deals on everyday household and grocery items or meals at local restaurants as well as more experiential rewards, like discounts at local fitness centers, spas and salons, museums and aquariums, and other family entertainment attractions.

To learn more about collaborating with us, visit Partner With Us.

Awards and Recognition

We've been fortunate to be recognized by leading publications and organizations for our efforts in motivating individuals and communities to realize a world in which nothing is wasted. Below is a sample of some of the awards and recognition we've received.

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