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George McCall School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Budget: $2500

"The history of McCall School is the history of our city. Providing a century of education to an ethnically diverse population, especially to our newer immigrants, McCall today continues its tradition of helping our city’s population advance to success. For 100 years, McCall students and their families have been pulling themselves up by the bootstraps through determination, grit and ‘moxie.’ They know that education is their key to success. McCall touts one of largest school catchment areas in the city, with its diverse student body including Chinatown’s new immigrants, young professional families moving back into the city, as well as youth and their families living in Philadelphia’s homeless shelters. All of these K-8 students study under one roof at McCall School. And regardless of their backgrounds, they typify the Philadelphian spirit of getting ahead through methodical hard work, not out of a sense of entitlement. Eighty-three percent (83%) of McCall students are economically disadvantaged. With the rapidly growing student body now totaling 670, its diverse make-up includes 79% ethnic minorities. Twenty-five percent (25%) of all students require English language lessons to integrate effectively into school and our city."

"McCall School is dedicated to waste reduction and our school is a leader in our community. We want to recycle responsibly and help reduce the waste our community produces. Part of our school’s environmental goals include creating outdoor spaces for beautification and classroom learning. Through this project with RecycleBank, we plan to use the funds for a community build event where families and community members can help us build our outdoor garden and learning space. Recently, community members, staff and parents all created a design collaborative for the McCall grounds. That plan calls for native plants and grasses to be cultivated in efforts to beautify the grounds. Through the after school class and work with the 7th and 8th grade science teachers, students will be researching what native plants may work best in the community’s planned outdoor learning space. Considering different environmental factors, students will be applying their knowledge of science and agriculture to affect positive benefit to the school, the community and the environment. Families and students will work at a community wide event near Earth Day to build planter boxes to test the heartiness of different grasses and native plants. Each box will represent a possible species to be included in the final landscaping work. Our work will be on display for the community to see and at that event, we will share the data from our before and after survey of recycling families during the project. In addition, student leaders will create Public Service Announcements, contact local media outlets and advertise within the community to publicize the event. We will share the positive impact our students will most assuredly have on the community’s recycling volume. Our number one goal is to increase recycling efforts. We hope to gauge this with post survey results and RecycleBank points donations. Second, we aim to engage our community in the effort to recycle, by acting as a resource for education around the issue. Finally, our last and most important goal, is to ensure students and youth in our community are passionate about this issue and able to act as change agents in their community. The only way to halt ignorance and apathy towards waste reduction is to create a conscious and active youth advocacy campaign."

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